Parlay to Expand its Bingo Business Interests in Britain

Parlay Entertainment Incorporated and St. Minver Limited, which is a European provider of "white label" gaming solutions have just recently signed a license deal.

The deal contains Parlay Entertainment's expansion plans in Britain, which is a clear indication that it is where Parlay Entertainment's main focus and goal at the moment is directed to.

St. Minver Limited used Parlay Entertainment's software when it launch Britain's first ever network in the first quarter of 2005. Parlay's network, which will also feature a 75 ball bingo, will operate on an aggregated model so that all partners that are connected to the network will collectively benefit from the shared liquidity and bigger jackpots.

It will include Gala Bingo, which is the UK's largest land-based Bingo operator which has a huge market share of 40% percent, 168 bingo establishments all over the country and some 35 million admissions yearly and a online database which covers almost 6 million British based customers. Parlay will announce the additional brand partners after their network's successful launch in the coming months.

With some GBP 1,222 million spent in Britain Bingo Halls yearly, the majority of it has been made by converting some of the land-based business to the Internet. According to Andrew Branscombe, the Vice President of Sales for Parlay Entertainment, Bingo is considered to be the most socially accepted form of gambling throughout the world and it is a market which still has vast untapped potential of land-based bingo players who can be encouraged to play online.

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