Operating Bingo As a Business

Bingo is a game held by churches or charitable organizations to raise funds for a project. In the United States the legality of playing Bingo as well as the stakes is different from state to state. The regulations depend on the state in which it is held. Bingo halls are rented to organize the game and runs games almost daily. The church-sponsored games are normally held every week on the premises of the church. The game is usually played with modest stakes on them but the final game is usually a blackout game and has a larger stake for the winner.

In the United States commercial bingo is offered primarily in casinos and only in the state of Nevada and also offered by Native American Bingo social halls, and are often located in the same as casinos run by Indians. Nevada has casinos that cater bingo to locals usually and not so with the famous tourist spots. These casinos often offer several sessions of two hours everyday. The stakes are modest too except for the blackout which also offers a higher jackpot.

The station casinos of Nevada found in Las Vegas offer a special game for each game session which ties all of the properties altogether for a progressive and large jackpot. These casinos are chains of casinos which cater mostly to locals, whereas the Native American Bingo games are usually played for only one or two sessions a day.

Mostly these games are played for a much higher stakes than the charity bingo games to draw participants from farther places with higher prizes at stake than the charity games. Others offer progressive games with higher jackpots by tying players together, coming from different bingo halls.

Today even "in house" bingo is being played. They are operated commercially linking the games by telephones across more clubs and casinos. This in turn increases the jackpot or the monetary prize but also reduces the chance of winning drastically because of the higher number of players. These Bingo games are linked together in one network to be able to provide other possible winning patterns and bigger stakes, a good example of this is the Lotto in Quebec, Canada.

The basis for most online games sold by licensed lotteries is Bingo. Lotto tickets are sold with the player getting his receipt with numbers similarly arranged like a bingo card. The draw for Lotto is usually daily and weekly and broadcasted on television. Lotto however offers higher prizes and the chance of winning is slim.

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