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Surveys made for different online casinos across the web showed that most of the online gamblers are between ages 20-50. After this age there is a very low percent of online gamblers. The exports say that the reason for the low number of senior users is technophobia, a fear from technology. Most of old folks don't usually want to handle new things they don't know. They prefer to stay with the good old well known things to make their life easier.

The market of online casinos will grow in the future thanks to the senior population. They have a lot of free time and some of them have a lot of savings from the past. Exports believe that a senior population with a basic knowledge at technology will be much communicative and happy. It will bring old folks much closer to the other people. It doesn't matter how old you are when chatting online or gambling with other online users, in the virtual world there is no age.

Bingo is a fun game for all ages. Little children play it in birthday parties, older people play it in casinos or in online bingo sites and the old folks play it in their spare time in the elderly. No doubt about it, the magic of bingo is here to stay.

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