The Klondike

Klondike is a popular game in the United States, where it is probably played more extensively than any other Solitaire game.

Using a standard pack of cards, the player lays out the tableau by dealing one card face up and then six face down to the right, making a row of seven cards; next, he deals one card face up on top of the second card and one face down on each of the other five cards to the right. Starting one pile farther to the right each time, the player repeats the process until the top card of each pile is face up.

Then the seven piles should have, from left to right, one, two, three, four, five, six, and seven cards respectively. A player's object in Klondike is to get the aces out to the center and build on them in ascending sequence and in suit. After dealing the tableau, the player starts these foundation piles by putting in the center of the table, all aces and other cards that can be built in sequence and in alternate colors; for example, a red ten on a black jack.

Whenever some move leaves a vacant space in the tableau, a faced king may be put in the space. Although no other card except a king may be put in the said space. Although no other card except a king may be played in a blank space, all other cards that have been played on the king must be moved to the new space with it.

Part or every one of of the faced cards stacked inside a tableau pile may possibly be enthused to another pile if the card underneath of the pile being moved will form an uninterrupted descending sequence in alternate colors with the card above the pile to which it is moved.

After a player has made his moves in the foundation or tableau, he takes the remainder of the pack and turns the top card. If he can, he plays this card on the foundation or tableau. Having no play, the player puts the card down alongside of the pack as the first card of the talon. The next card is then turned and played in the same manner.

If at any time the playing of a card provides a move for the top card of the talon, the player may go back to the talon, play the top and its subsequent as long as there is a move for each. Then the player resumes turning cards of the pack, one at a time. When all the cards of the pack have been turned once, and the player has made all possible moves to the foundation and tableau, the game is terminated.

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