Sure Looks Interesting

Aside from the ordinary-looking bingo patterns we are all familiar with, gambling players or not, there are other more interesting designs that are already being played today. Some of them are the pipe, the large diamond, small diamond plus four corners, postage stamp plus zip code, totem pole, and the flying arrow.

Anyone who has hold a pipe, or even just seen a pipe in his life should find it easy to imagine the pipe pattern. The pipe pattern, obviously should look like a pipe. So how do we do it? Gambling players simply need to cover all the numbers belonging to the fourth row, and also the first two numbers of the middle row. Surely, no one can deny that this pattern really does resemble a pipe.

The large diamond on the other hand, may be famous to the poker players out there, since one suit of the game cards is the diamond. The large diamond pattern is formed by gambling players by covering the first and last numbers of the middle row, the first and last ones of the middle column and the second and fourth ones of the second and fourth rows.

It seems that gambling players couldn't get enough of this diamond fever. Aside from the large diamond, we also have a pattern called small diamond plus four corners. All the gambling players have to do to complete this pattern is to cover the middle number of the second and fourth rows, the middle number of the second and fourth columns and also the numbers at the four corners of the bingo card.

If creativity and humor is what you are looking for, then here is one favorite of gambling players around the world. Creative and humorous, the postage stamp pattern resembles a mail. The postage stamp part is formed by covering the first two numbers at the fourth and final column of the bingo card, or the right top corner. On the other hand, the zip code card is achieved by covering all the numbers belonging to the bottom row. Ingenious, right?

A totem is more familiar to those who love the supernatural stuffs. However, gambling players have also become aware of it mainly because of the totem pole bingo pattern. Here, gambling players must cover all the numbers in the second row and the middle column plus the first and last number in the middle row.

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