I Love Them Weak

I am excited whenever I get a good pre-flop hand in Texas Hold'em poker. After all, who does not wish of pocket aces? However, I feel like I could function better if I am holding weaker hand.

Don't get me wrong. This is not to say that I am ungrateful about getting a powerful poker hand. It is just that I win more if I am holding a weaker one. It seems weird, but I can explain my point.

Having a weak starting hand is a challenge to anyone. Thus it makes me think more of my succeeding moves; whereas if I get a very nice hand right from the start, I tend to relax. In the end, I end up losing to a weaker hand because he had made me fold when I could have done the same to him so much earlier. Therefore, a weak starting poker hand makes mo more vigilant, which is good in poker.

I also noticed that it is easier fro me to pretend that I have a strong hand than to hide that I do have a strong hand. It seems that I could not quite hide my excitement. Thus, when playing a strong poker hand, my opponents will notice that they do not have a chance to win, so they will fold. So instead of taking a huge pot, I will end up with a small one.

I also get more thrills in playing the weaker poker hand. This is because it is not an easy feat and other poker players would simply fold if they got one. Me, I take on the challenge and brave the consequences of my decision.

It is also more fulfilling for me if I win with weak hand than with a strong hand. It would mean to me that I had won because of my skills and not because of my luck. I love being in control of my game and getting the credit for winning instead of the cards taking it. If you have a very powerful, it does not impress me greatly if you win. It seems natural for you to do that because you can beat all the other cards. You won because of your luck, not because you are good in poker.

These are my reasons for loving a weak starting hand in poker. You may not agree with me, but that's fine because these are just my opinions.

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