I Love My Bingo Hard

Are you tired of the same old bingo patterns that you and your gambling friends play at home? Then worry no more, here are some difficult bingo patterns that are sure to challenge even the luckiest or most experienced gambling player.

But you must be warned, some of them are very difficult to achieve that it takes a lot of patience from gambling players. Don't worry, you can rest assured that they are exciting and you will never get bored. There will be thrill as to who will complete these challenging bingo patterns, so there is no room for boredom.

Plaid - this bingo pattern is particularly difficult for gambling players to achieve because it almost covers all the numbers on the bingo card. It looks like a semi - blackout to some gambling players. To win the game with this pattern in play, gambling players must be the first to cover all the numbers included in the second and fourth columns and rows. That's sixteen numbers all in all. I told you this is not an easy pattern.

Flag - so many gambling patterns were derived from actual things, such as this one. The flag pattern can be achieved by covering all the numbers in the first column plus completing a block 'o nine pattern at the top center of the bingo card. This pattern requires less numbers to be covered compared to the plaid pattern.

Large Picture Frame - although plain looking, do not be deceived by this bingo pattern. Gambling players must cover sixteen numbers on their bingo cards, just like with the plaid pattern, to complete this one. Those numbers must be located at the first and last columns and rows of the bingo card, thus resembling a large picture frame.

Buckle - another pattern which resembles a common thing is the buckle. If you know how to form the large picture frame pattern, then this should be a breeze. To achieve this bingo pattern, a gambling player should cover all the numbers on the first and last rows and columns on the bingo card and the third number on the second column.

Dollar Sign - one of the bingo patterns with the most numbers to be covered is the dollar sign. To complete this pattern, gambling players must cover all the numbers belonging to the top, middle and bottom row, plus the second and fourth numbers in the middle column, therefore resembling the dollar sign. If ever you forgot how to do this, just imagine how the dollar sign looks like. You should not have a problem with that, because after all you are a gambling player and mostly deal with money.

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