How to be lucky in Bingo?

Although it has been statistically proven that no one has a hand on the results of a Bingo game, players worldwide never lose hope that luck might be on their side every time they start the game.

To increase their chances of winning, some buy as many cards as they can. More cards on hand translate to more number combinations, which could land on the roster of the game's winning numbers.

Their strategy may seem to be a plausible solution. But, the truth is winning at Bingo needs the magical intervention of Lady Luck.

Although Lady Luck may seem to be a little evasive for some, there are those lucky ones who win her favor. Others could have given up on her a couple of times. But, they still find themselves going back on the chase every time they play Lady Luck's game of Bingo.

What makes Bingo players luckier than the others still remains a mystery. But, it is still not bad to try one or two practices that are believed to attract luck in this game of chance. The following are the alternative choices of Bingo players to help them improve their winning chances and make it big in the game.

1. Lucky seats

Most of the time, when a Bingo game is regularly played at a particular social hall, a regular Bingo player has his own particular seat or what he considers to be his Lucky seat. So newcomers in this regular Bingo event should be cautious in choosing for a place. Otherwise, they would always end up being tapped on their shoulders by Bingo patrons who have chosen and settled in on those seats since time immemorial.

The fact of the matter is that proving whether a particular seat is lucky or not will always be difficult. But, one's lucky seat would always be determined by how comfortable the player is and how well he can concentrate on the game every time he occupies that particular space.

2. Lucky money

Some players have lucky money, which they carry around every time they join a Bingo game. There are players who place their lucky coins across the top of their Bingo cards. Sometimes, they even follow a pattern for their lucky coins' position.

On the contrary, other Bingo players find it unlucky to leave money on their table.

3. Lucky numbers Each Bingo players has different lucky numbers. And since that lucky number varies, a certain player's lucky number may be another one's curse. So, Bingo players should not feel bad if they get that undesired number because someone might want to trade it in.

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