Believe it or Not

It takes a good amount of creativity for gambling players to have created such beautiful bingo patterns. It also only takes a good amount of imagination to visualize and possibly memorize some of them. This shouldn't be a problem, for every one of us is gifted with some ounce of imagination.

Here are some bingo patterns that require the gambling players to be a little more imaginative to be able to memorize them:

Anchor - almost all gambling players are familiar with Popeye the Sailorman, right? Then, it wouldn't be hard remembering the anchor tattooed on Popeye's arm. It would be helpful to think of that if you want to memorize the anchor pattern. To achieve this pattern, gambling players must cover all the numbers belonging to the third column, and also all the numbers in the bottom row. Not only that, gambling players should also cover the first and last numbers of the fourth row and the second and fourth numbers of the top row to complete the anchor look.

Turtle - this bingo pattern can definitely be enjoyed by young kids, because it depicts one of their favorite animals, which is the turtle. For the shell of the turtle, the gambling players need form the small frame pattern, or in other words, cover the numbers immediately surrounding the free space. For the legs of the turtle, gambling players must be able to cover all the numbers at the four corners of the bingo card. Gambling players must also cover the third number of the top row for the head of the turtle.

Full Champagne Glass - if the turtle pattern can be very much famous to kids, then this pattern can be more appreciated by the adults. To complete this pattern, gambling players must form an inverted pyramid at the top half of their bingo card, cover the middle three numbers of the bottom row, and the middle number of the fourth row. Truly, it does resemble a full champagne glass.

Empty Champagne Glass - another version of the champagne glass, only this time the glass appears to be empty. It's just like the full champagne glass, only the gambling players need not cover the three middle numbers of the top row and the middle number of the second row.

Bar Bell - this also one of the most creative bingo pattern you'll ever encounter in your sessions. To win, a gambling player must be the first to cover the three middle numbers at the first and last columns plus the middle numbers of the second and fourth columns. It really is that simple.

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